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We are glad You’re here.

I am Mr. Stephen Kingsley Odoom, Chief Executive Officer of Stereda Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Over the years, you (our cherished client) have made us number one and I with the entire Stereda Pharmaceuticals team wish to express our profound gratitude and appreciation for choosing us. We shall continue to serve you with integrity, dedication and reliable health tips and proper drug administration. Our commitment to being the beacon in the pharmaceutical industry remains our force drive.

I personally invite you all; individuals, hospitals, pharmacies, institutions and all others to come and experience our warm reception and excellent service delivery. Remember, Self medication can be dangerous and may come with very grievous health damage. All must seek proper advice and counsel on drug administration.

The trade in counterfeit drugs has grown into a global industry worth billions of dollars, targeting mostly developing countries. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 10–30 per cent of the medicines on sale could be fake in the developing world; the proportion is probably higher in some parts of Africa, Asia and Latin America.


But both fake and substandard drugs have an immediate impact on patients who don’t receive the treatment they need. And more so in the case of substandard medicines, they can also have the disastrous side-effect of increasing resistance to treatment for serious diseases. For instance, if a patient with malaria takes antimalarial drugs that contain a weak dose of the active ingredient, the malaria parasite will only be partially cleared from the body. The parasites that remain will be those that have resisted the drug. When these multiply and go on to infect new individuals, drug resistance spreads.



Many fake medicines are dummies deliberately created to resemble genuine drugs. Often they are utterly devoid of any active ingredient — but sometimes they may contain harmful or poisonous chemicals.

Substandard drugs do have some medicinal value, but may contain far lower doses of the active ingredient than they should. They are usually the product of negligent manufacturing and poor quality control rather than malicious criminal activity.